What is your business hour?

We open from 9.30am to 6.00p.m (Monday-Friday) & 9.30am to 2.00pm (First & Third Saturday of the month)
Closed on public holiday

How do I make payment?

You may settle your payment through cash, bank in, online transfer or credit card.

Payment Details Bank-in Online Transfer
Maybank 5123 6130 5144 Yes NIL
Public Bank 3076 13 6333 Yes Yes

Is easy payment available for any CRONY purchased?

Yes, easy payment scheme is available for any single purchase above RM1000 products for the following credit card

Bank Easy Payment Scheme
CIMB 3 months
Maybank 6 & 12 months
Hong Leong Bank 6 & 12 months
Public Bank 6 & 12 months
HSBC 12 months*

*card holder must present at the office
1% processing fees will be imposed for 3 months installment plan whereas
2% fees is imposed for 6 & 12 months plan.

How can I try CRONY shaping lingerie?

You may visit CRONY head quarters during office hour or look for any CRONY’s member to for body measurement and trial.

Is the repair service available for CRONY shaping lingerie?

Yes, we provide repair services for all CRONY Lingerie, pricing ranging from RM8 to RM40

Repair Services AvailableRM
Hole, rubber, ribbon 20
General sewing, elastic, coil bone per stick 20
Crotch 30
Cup wire per pair, bra strap per pair, bra lace, hook per pair, zip 35

How often should I use A4 Clarifying & Tightening Masque?

Our skin cells regenerate once in every 10 hours. For pigmentation, acne and aging skin, you may gently massage your skin with A4 Clarifying & Tightening Masque and leave on for 7 minutes and once to twice a day. For sensitive and normal skin that subject to the thickness of keratin, you may use it daily or once every 2-3 days.

What is the recommended regime for CRONY skincare?

Crony recommends that use the A1 Hydrating Cleanser to promote the rapid formation of sebaceous skin smooth and offers a fresh feeling of the noble. Then, gently massage skin with A4 Clarifying & Tightening Masque (with plant enzymes) to replace conventional exfoliating acids and avoid damage to blood vessels. If needed, apply A10 revitalising concentrate to repair skin cell and keep skin moisture. Then, use A2 Lifting and Firming Complex to promote efficient synthesis of collagen; effectively lift up and firm the skin. Finally, apply A3 Clarifying and Lightening Complex to control inhibition of tyrosinase, anti-oxidation, the physical isolation UV reflectance to avoid the accumulation of melanin.

Do CRONY S Series suitable for big body women?

Yes, CRONY does have extra size shaping lingerie. Extra size lingerie is subject to additional RM30 - RM32.
Details as follow:

S Series Extra Size
S1 and S1-1 Envy Long Braisserie Lower breast 90cm and above or F Cup and above
S3 and S3-1 Envy Long Drawer Waist size 94cm and above or size Xl-2 and above
S5 and S5-1 Envy Long Girdle Waist size 92cm and above or size EL and above
S8 and S8-1 Bustier Corset Waist size 92cm and above or size EL and above